Miolite® Polarized Light Therapy device is a portable medical device designed for the treatment of wounds and inflamma-tion in the mouth. Let it be just a minor injury or severe pain after dental treat-ment, Miolite can reach even the most hidden spots in the mouth in order to accelerate the healing process. It follows anatomically the shape of the mouth. It is suitable for treating the mouth and the oral cavity, in particular around the gin-gival and periodontal parts (i.e. adjuvant therapy for chronic periodontitis) and for promoting the healing process and eas-ing the pain caused by wounds in the oral cavity (i.e. chronic oral ulcerations).


Polarized light therapy is a natural method, it mobilizes the own protective mech-anisms of the human organism.Under the direction of the Inventor, Márta Fenyő, for the first time in the world an equipment was designed and built being able to apply polarized light therapy on small surfaces being in the oral cavity.

Miolite® medical device – the source of polarized light – designed for the revital-ization of the damaged tissues and for the healing of the pathological conditions inside the oral cavity, was created on the basis of the original invention of Márta Fenyő and this device is now available for everybody.

The effect of photobiomodulation (biostimulation) induced by the Po-larized Light Therapy and exerted on the oral mucosa stimulates the tissues and promotes the wound healing pro-cess in a natural way, without damag-ing side effects. Its effective agent, the Linearly Polar-ized Light mobilizes the own protec-tion mechanisms, the immune system of the user.

Miolite® Polarized Light Therapy device is the latest generation of the polarized light therapy equipments.Its special design makes it possible to reach the hardly accessible areas of the oral cavity and thus enabling the treat-ment with polarized light.Its small size and safe applicability make it suitable for comfortable home use.


  • Healing of different oral mucosal conditions, including the alleviation of pain feeling: chronic oral mucosal pain (COMP), burning mouth syndrome (BMS), oral atrophic – erosive Lichen planus, mucous membrane pemphig-oid, pemphigus vulgaris, oral systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).
  • Alleviation of pain feeling in the oral cavity.
  • Prevention of infection and inflamma-tion after dental interventions (e.g. tooth implantation, removal of teeth).
  • Promotion of recovery from inflamma-tion in the oral cavity.
  • Promotion of healing in case of oral wounds (e.g. aphta) or any sort of oral surgery interventions.
  • Adjuvant therapy of chronic periodon-titis.
  • Healing of gingivitis and prevention of loosing the teeth.


  • Polarized light therapy is a highly natural method, it mobilizes the own protective mechanisms of the human organism.
  • The treatment is painless, it has no harmful known side effect.
  • In case of proper use its application is not harmful to the treated tissues.
  • The special shape makes it easy to reach the hardly accessible areas of the oral cavity.
  • No need for special training to its use.
  • Safe applicability.
  • Small size, light weight and easy to handle, thus portable and suitable for comfortable home use.
  • Runs on rechargable battery, electrical network is not needed to its use.
  • It can be used almost anywhere and almost at any time (with some excep-tions: see in the Instructions For Use).


This is true for heart diseases, but also appears to be true for different types of cancer. Recent research has even shown a link between oral health and kidney dis-ease. Scientists think that bacteria from the oral cavity flow into the bloodstream and spread throughout the body, causing inflammation of the arteries, and block-ages as a result. In addition to coronary heart disease and kidney disease, perio-dontitis is suspected to lead also to other inflammatory symptoms such as rheuma-toid arthritis or pneumonia.

Lots of complaints begin with periodon-titis. It appears that more than 50% of people aged 50 and older, suffer from periodontitis. Usually resulting in loss of teeth. This is what is visible, but unfortu-nately there are also diseases caused by periodontitis that are less visible.

What exactly is periodontitis? During the day parts of food, saliva and bacteria accumulate in the mouth. This is called ‘plaque’, and it sticks to the teeth and cavities. If you don’t brush regularly, bac-teria can stick to the teeth and irritate the gums, which leads to swellings, redness and bleeding. The bacteria make small gaps between the teeth and the gums. In these so-called ‘pockets’ even more plaque occurs and the infection spreads deeper.

This means that good oral hygiene and healthy teeth are vital for a healthy body. Of course the prevention is better than to cure. It actually takes little of your time and effort. You can prevent periodontitis easily, and by doing so, lower the risk of getting diseases elsewhere in the body.

Instructions for use