The results of previous research and the practical experience of the inventor, Márta Fenyő, gained during 20 years of operation and operation of the Bioptron Medical Centre, have shown that in addition to local treatments, there are enormous new possibilities for polarised light therapy.

During 2003 – 2004, the inventor developed and developed a polarized light source for the treatment of unlimited surface area, for which he filed a patent application in July 2004:

(Light source for producing and directing linearly polarized light onto a given target surface

Serial No: 2874U

Date of application: 08.07.2004 (date of granting of the utility model protection: 29.03.2005).

When applied to the whole body, the polarised light, thanks to a penetration depth of approximately 1 cm, reaches the bloodstream immediately through capillary vessels, thus, through the blood circulation, the biological stimulating effect is rapidly transmitted to all cells and vital organs of the human body, such as the heart, liver, stomach, spleen, kidneys, endocrine glands, etc., and thus has a global effect on the functioning of the human body.

Polarised light significantly enhances the activity of cells responsible for immunity, stabilises red blood cell walls and increases their ability to bind and retain oxygen.

Increased oxygen uptake and retention by red blood cells increases the supply of vital oxygen to every cell, organ and organ system, allowing muscles and vital organs to develop and function more efficiently.

Several factors played an important role in the invention.

Scientific research over the past nearly 30 years has confirmed that polarised light also has a significant immunostimulant effect.

Over 20 years of treatment at the Bioptron Therapy Centre has shown that polarised light can not only heal patients’ wounds, scalp hair and other skin problems, but also – as a ‘beneficial side effect’ – improve their performance and brain function, improve their well-being, reduce anxiety and stress levels.

The severely ill animals treated in the research were much more alert when exposed to polarised light.

It is generally accepted that the human immune system is also weakened by negative environmental influences, stress and negative psychological processes. There is little time or opportunity to counteract this in today’s living conditions and lifestyle.

It is a known and experimentally proven fact that treatment with polarised light has a stimulating effect on the immune system, improves peripheral circulation, improves the metabolism of the body surface and underlying tissues, and makes the body more resistant to the negative consequences of stress.