In 1986, the Swiss company Bioptron AG. purchased the manufacturing and sales license for polarized light therapy.

The largest version of their light source (the Bioptron lamp) is capable of illuminating a circular spot up to a maximum diameter of 15 cm.

The lamp, developed by Márta Fenyő and her colleagues specifically for therapeutic purposes, emits yellow light in the visible and near-infrared spectral range, with no ultraviolet wavelength components.

Its power density was determined by the inventor in such a way that the required amount of energy, which is essential for the effectiveness of the treatment, could be achieved in a relatively short time.

Thus treatments (on limited surfaces) can be achieved in an interval of about 2-30 minutes in most cases. In cases where a larger surface area needs to be treated, this can only be achieved by scanning over a longer period of time.


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