Previously, in Prof. Endre Mester’s laser clinic at Szabolcs Street Hospital, wounds that were difficult to heal were treated with low-power laser light. Together with her fellow inventors, Márta Fenyő discovered, partly speculatively and partly experimentally, that polarisation is responsible for the special properties of laser light, which are responsible for biostimulation. Thus was born the invention describing polarised light therapy, embodied in the Evolite lamp.

(A method and apparatus for stimulating biological processes related to cellular activity, in particular the healing of pathological formations on the surface of the body, in particular wounds, ulcers and other epithelial lesions

Serial No:186081

Date of application:02.09.1981.

(The invention has been granted patent protection in 25 countries other than Hungary)

Between 1980 and 1985, a series of Hungarian and foreign patent applications for the Evolite lamp were filed, and the development of the product and scientific research on the biological effects of polarized light began, organised and carried out by Márta Fenyő from the very beginning.

Polarised light therapy has also been successful in the treatment of chronic diseases such as foot ulcers, which are a widespread disease in Hungary, acne facial skin, which is a hopelessly long torment for teenagers, and other chronic skin diseases and sports injuries.

Rapid and spectacular results have been and continue to be achieved with light therapy for surgical scars, burns, headaches, rheumatic and arthritic conditions, etc.

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