Previous Findings

  1. Procedure for the evaluation of X-ray images

Serial number:167020

Date of notification: 1971.09.13.


  1. Method and apparatus for highlighting the contours of an image transmitted on a television screen

Serial number:169366

Date of notification: 1974.12.03.

( This invention is a patent granted in 20 countries in the world outside Hungary)


  1. A method and apparatus for stimulating biological processes related to cellular activity, in particular to stimulate the healing of pathological formations on the body surface, in particular wounds, ulcers and other epithelial lesions

Serial number:186081

Date of notification:1981.09.02.

(The invention is patented in 25 countries other than Hungary)


  1. Method for stimulating the germination and, where appropriate, the yield of cereal grains

Serial number:186666

Date of notification: 1983.03.02.

(The invention is patented in Hungary)


  1. Procedure to improve the efficiency of biological wastewater treatment and/or sludge treatment

Base number:1750/87

Date of notification: 1987.04.23.

(The invention is patented in Hungary)


  1. Method to enhance non-specific resistance in newborn or young animals

Base number: 10530/88

Date of notification: 1988.04.27.


  1. Method for in vivo treatment of tumorous tissues on body surfaces

Date of notification: 1987.10.10.

(This invention is granted a patent in the United States)


  1. Procedure and arrangement to relax the human body and improve well-being


Index number:33906/99

Date of notification: 1999.09.10.

(Patent granted in Hungary, European application launched.)


  1. Luminaire for producing and directing linearly polarized light onto a given target surface

Serial number: 2874U

Date of notification: 2004.07.08.(date of grant of the utility model: 2005.03.29.)


Márta Fenyő