In the early 1980s, Márta Fenyő and her research team discovered that polarized light has a stimulating effect on all living biological systems, which in the case of human applications significantly stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself. This can be explained primarily by the cell regenerating, cell function improving and harmonizing effects of polarized light.

With her team of coworkers, she developed and created the first polarised light emitting lamp, EVOLITE, for the treatment of the human body.

After the invention had been licensed in 1986 to the Swiss company Bioptron AG, the healing lamp was renamed BIOPTRON.

Thus, the first therapeutic device based on the Hungarian invention was finally launched from Switzerland and has since become an indispensable therapeutic tool for doctors, hospitals, clinics, private practices and individuals all over the world. This healing lamp is now used by millions of people with great success.

EVOLITE and BIOPTRON have been used successfully for a variety of skin problems, wounds, arthritis, sports injuries, scalp and hair problems.

Márta Fenyő’s previous research has shown that, in addition to local treatments, polarised light therapy can open up enormous new possibilities. The spectacular local cures are based on the immune-boosting, blood circulation-enhancing and cellular oxygenation-enhancing effects of polarised light.

Recent discoveries have shown that this biological stimulating effect can be extended to the entire surface of the human body in a single treatment of relatively short duration.

The light source, which can be used to treat the entire human body surface, has become known as SENSOLITE.