CV of Márta Fenyő

I am Márta Fenyő, the inventor of the Bioptron lamp,  the Sensolite light bed and the Miolite therapy lamp,  i.e.the polarized light therapy. I invented the biological stimulating effects of the polarized light in the years 1980-81.. Since then I have collected  experiences and done research in connection with this wonderful natural method. Why do I think that polarized light is so wonderful? Because it is natural, it can do no harm and it has fantastic physiological effects!

„Always to help and never to harm, only to build and never to destroy!

This principle has guided my thoughts and activities throughout my life.

And what fate brings! My invention, the polarized light therapy, embodies this ars poetica in the field of healing.

In the case of the polarized light therapy this means that when a pathogen or disease attacks our body, we do not use polarized light for  destroying the invader, but rather we mobilize the body’s own natural forces, its defence mechanisms, so that it can act more effectively to eliminate the pathological condition.”


In 1990 she opened a light therapy clinic in Budapest under the name of Bioptron Health. Centre. In this Health Centre, patients were treated with polarized light therapy. In 1999 she filed her first patent application for a large-scale polarized light bath („Polárium”), which is suitable also for the treatment of the entire human body surface.

In 2004 Márta Fenyő made protected the technology of a light source of any size and any shape that emits linearly polarized light.

This technology was patented first in the United States and then in European countries. Starting in 2007 the Sensolite light-bed was developed, whose  prototype was completed and tested by November 2008.

The Sensolite light-bed has been in use by the general public since June 2009, and since then several thousand cases of healing have been reported.



  • 1960-64 Eötvös József Secondary School, German specialty
  • 1964-69 ELTE University, Budapest: Faculty of Natural Sciences, Master of Science Degree in Physics
  • 1978-81 Semmelweis Medical University, Institute of Biophysics


Professional activity

  • 1969-78 Medicor Művek (Budapest)- Research and Development Institute, research physicist. Early inventions: OPTIX X-ray image- corrector, theory of automated blood typing and qualitativ blood picture using digital image evaluation, research in the field of ultrasound diagnostics.
  • 1978-81 Institute of Biophysics- Semmelweis University of Medicine, Budapest (study of the biological effects of laser light on molecular level).
  • 1987-88 Joliot Curie Research Institute of Radiobiology, Budapest (Investigation of the immunomodulatory effect of polarized light in the treatment of tumorous animals).
  • 1981-89 Development of the Evolite (later Bioptron) healing lamp, research of the medical applications of polarized light and its effects on the immune system.
  • 1989 Oxford, Slade Hospital (research of the effects of polarized light on the immune system).
  • 1995 Tel Aviv, Bar Ilan University (research on the effects of polarized light in the treatment of tumorous animals).
  • 1990 Founding and management of the Bioptron Health Centre in Budapest.
  • After 1999 research and development activities for the elaboration of the technology of polarized light emitting surfaces built from LED light-sources and being suitable for the exposure onto surfaces of any size and any shape.
  • 2004 Application for the Industrial Property Protection of a utility model. describing the technology of the. polarized light emitting surfaces built from LED light-sources and being suitable for the exposure onto surfaces of any size and any shape.
  • 2005 Extension of the Protection of the Hungarian utility model in European countries and in the U.S.A.
  • 2008 Development of the light emitting system of the Sensolite light-bed and directing the creation of its prototype.
  • 2008-2010 Patent protection granted in the USA and Europe.
  • 2011 Initiated  and organized an  extensive research on  the immune modulating effect of  Polarized Light  Therapy  in  the case of recurrent childhood respiratory deseases.
  • 2014 Initiated  and   led  an investigation   in connection  with    the  effects  of  Polarized Light  Therapy  on  the sports  performance of athletes  (runners)
  • 1990-2009 Established and led   a private clinic  (Health Center ) in Budapest, the activity of which was  based on the exclusive and unique knowledges and experiences  gained in the previous  years  about  the applications of polarized light in human therapy.
  • 2016-2020  Invented and directed the development  of  the latest invention: MIOLITE by Marta Fenyő
  • 2017-2022 Devekopment of Miolite, a special device for the treatment of wounds and injuries inside the oral cavity.


Awards and honours


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