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Márta Fenyő, the inventor of polarized light therapy, has been actively involved in scientific research on the biological stimulating effects of polarized light since the early 1980s.

Over the last 35 years, there have of course been some highlights, such as the Bioptron lamp, which won the Grand Prize at the WIPO World Exhibition of Young Inventors in Plovdiv in 1985. This victory brought the inventor great international success, for example, the publication of Farag Moussa’s excellent book on women inventors who have achieved outstanding success, in which the author of the book (alongside Marie Curie) also devoted a long chapter to Marta Fenyő. At the time, many newspaper and magazine articles, television and radio programmes covered the great Hungarian success.

Later on, the opening and operation of the Bioptron Medical Centre in 1990 was followed by the media with great interest and enthusiasm, since on the one hand the wonderful effects of the Bioptron lamp, which had already become famous by then, were finally made known to Hungarian patients here and then, and on the other hand, at the beginning of the regime change, such a successful private health enterprise was still a relative novelty. A new book chapter on Marta Fenyő, written by Ilona Bayer, entitled WOMAN IN EYE, has been published, featuring outstanding Hungarian women.

In 2009, Márta Fenyő’s latest invention, SENSOLITE, a light bed for the treatment of polarised light over the entire body surface, attracted huge media interest.

During this period, both state and commercial television channels, several magazines and newspapers interviewed the inventor for longer shorter interviews.

On two occasions, Martha Fenyő has been chosen for the „50 most successful Hungarian women” and the „50 most successful Hungarian businesswomen”.

Naturally, these events were followed by numerous media inquiries.

Below are some of these newspaper articles, television and radio interviews, without claiming to be exhaustive.